UI Design

Find a Mate!

Case of Study

I was challenged to design a mobile product experience for millenials to find the ideal roommate. I had to design the experience from the perspective of person who is looking for a roommate as well as the one who is looking for the apartment.
I investigated and identified pain points in the “finding/keeping a good roommate” journey and found ways to solve those pain points simulating tests and applying usability tools.

Then, I had to think of the functionality of the product: once the product was defined, I had to think in phases, all the features needed to be reflected in a series of sprints and points where they would be iterating.

Metrics: I had to define those metrics that really help me know that this product is working.

(I spent 6 hours on this project and I'm still doing research).

Key Features (MVP)
"List a Room" feature

You can see the complete workflow on this Figma file!

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