Human Anatomy Alphabet

Human Anatomy Alphabet

I challenged myself to create an alphabet using anatomical terminology. The result is a beautiful anatomical alphabet with artistic flare. Each letter, drawn in detail, features quirky additions that make you want to explore each one. I released this print exclusively for Street Anatomy, a website dedicated to showcasing how anatomy is visualised in art, design, and pop culture through our visual blog, gallery shows, and gallery store.

The alphabet is in Spanish, each letter reflecting an anatomical/biological word: B = Boca;  O = Oreja; P = Piernas

It’s a great way to brush up on your Spanish anatomy terms!

Arteria - Boca - Corazón - Feto - Genoma - Huesos - Intestinos
Lengua - Músculos - Neuronas - Oreja/Oído - Riñón - Sangre - Tráquea
Cromosoma X - Yugular - Zigoto

Human Anatomy Alphabet, 24 in x 16.5 in, edition of 50 signed, available at the Street Anatomy Store

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