Venezuelan and Italian = Arepa and Gelato.
Very curious, always asking "why", "why not" and"what if".
You can find me in nature environments, doing sports, dancing, with animals around or enyoing food.
Illustrator, Visual Communicator, Graphic Designer, Artist; I like to think of myself as a creative doer and most of the time, an outgoing and funny human.
I believe in the Power of Design; the combination of empathy, humility and motivation can be an amazing base for it, creating a powerful impact and an awesome environment. Always hungry for challenges where my mind, heart and soul can be creative and where I can learn new skills; I am happy to exchange knowledge and to experience new adventures.
Open to enjoy the process of every tiny thing, looking for self-discovery.
My goal is to explore my curiosity for things, feeling and then thinking.
I am here for meaningful experiences.